We understand that capital market transactions pose a number of legal obstacles for every participant in the market, therefore, we use our utmost efforts to secure our clients’ benefits and help them take actions confidently in managing their businesses in the market. We have a profound expertise and knowledge in Turkish capital market regulations, and persistently follow the legislative trends both inside and outside the EU. 

We provide assistance and advice to issuers, bidders and advisors with regard to flotations and IPOs as well as the purchase of financial instruments. Furthermore, we advise banks, investment management and asset management companies in relation to investment services and collective undertakings.

Our capital markets expertise includes capital increases, bond issues, initial public offerings and the structuring of investments as well as crowdfunding activities. We also advise listed companies and their shareholders in preparing the market disclosures both in their extraordinary transactions which fall within the scope of material events and in the ordinary course of business.

Our clients always receive a customized advice, with an ultimate attention to the specific characteristics of their businesses and of the individual transactions.