With the advent of new technologies and fast pace of progress in the last few decades, making use of the tools of Information Technology has become a crucial element for all businesses.

We help our clients develop their businesses by undertaking the regulatory challenges arising from data processing activities, such as collection, retention and transfer of personal data. 

Our law firm also provides legal services for businesses who wish to expand to e-commerce sector, regardless of the size of their company. From small and medium-sized enterprises to big companies selling all kinds of products – tangible or non-tangible – we ensure that our clients comply with all national and international regulations concerning e-commerce and related fields of law, such as consumer law, e-payment regulations and internet law. 

With our extensive knowledge on contract law and in-depth understanding of IT matters, we also assist our clients with the drafting and negotiating IT related agreements such as software development, maintenance, licensing and outsourcing agreements so as to attain optimal results for our clients.