We provide a full range of professional services in the protection, management and enforcement of all types of intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, industrial designs, and domain names. 

We assist our clients in negotiating, drafting and revising all types of contracts involving intellectual property, such as agreements for transfer of technology, know-how and technical assistance, license agreements, assignment of rights and service provision agreements. 

Our team represents clients in enforcing their IP rights before the administrative agencies as well as the courts. We address enforcement as part of a comprehensive strategy and look for the most effective, cost efficient means to achieve successful outcomes. 

Our professionals strive to provide creative and practical solutions to combat counterfeiting and other forms of piracy through a number of measures ranging from a simple cease and desist letter to complex civil or criminal actions, including applying for search and seizure warrants or customs impoundment orders.

We also have an expertise in dealing with copyright issues, including rights of authors and artists in traditional fields such as literature, music, theatrical and choreographic works, and all other forms of art, motion pictures, video and sound recordings, as well as scientific expressions, software and other creations of new media.