Gurulkan & Çakır’s maritime law practice focuses on contractual and transactional matters as well as litigation at admiralty courts in Turkey. We have the ability to represent clients from every corner of maritime industry, including domestic and international shipping companies, operators, carriers, charterers, salvage companies, shipyards, insurers and stevedores. We work to ensure that our clients’ maritime projects are negotiated, structured and documented with utmost care and that maritime disputes are resolved swiftly and effectively.

We have substantial experience in advising clients on the drafting, review, implementation and handling of all necessary contracts with regard to shipbuilding, ship sale and purchase, ship financing, management and charter, bareboat charters, time charters, voyage charters and slot charters, repair and reconstruction, and scrap agreements.

Our team is involved in all aspects of asset financing for clients in the shipping industry. Our advice covers a wide spectrum of transactional work including finance and leasing transactions, corporate structures for ownership and joint ventures, ship sale and purchase, and ship construction. Our expertise encompasses commercial ships as well as other special vessels. Our lawyers work closely with clients to evaluate the whole range of risks and advise on strategies to minimize exposure on transactions.

We also represent clients in court proceedings in case disputes arise from shipping contracts or as a result of shipping accidents. The scope of our services extends to a wide array of shipping matters, including arrest of ships, freight and demurrage claims, off-hire disputes, bill of lading issues, damage to, loss of and contamination of cargo, damage to ships through lading, dead freight claims.

As far as the arrest of ship is concerned, our lawyers can quickly determine the validity of claim or defense as well as the priority of a secured claim, which are critical considerations for ship owners or secured creditors in arrest and attachment proceedings. We assert the claims of our clients against other parties by means of arrest proceedings. Furthermore, our versatile lawyers can help clients enforce or defend against arbitration awards or foreign judgments.

Our professionals also deal with the legal aspects of maritime casualties, including ship fires, sinkings, strandings, general averages, groundings, collisions, and aftermath of such accidents such as salvage, towage or wreck removal.