The regulation regarding the commercial advertisement and unfair commercial practices (“the Regulation”) which came into force on January 10, 2015, is regulated in order to determine the principles to be followed by advertisers, advertising agencies, real persons, institutions and organizations related to the advertising, media organizations, and also to protect the consumers against unfair commercial practices.  A recent amendment to the Regulation was made on February 3, 2021.

Along with the amendment, a new clause for unfair commercial practice has been included to the section titled “Deceptive Commercial Practices” in the annex of the Regulation. Accordingly, misleading packaging that gives the impression that no changes have been made are considered within the scope of unfair commercial practices although an alteration was made in the length, weight, area, volume measurements and similar elements of the products offered to consumers in a way which differentiates the unit price. 

Recently, there were many reports in the news that the price of the products, especially in food, remained the same, but the actual prices were increased by reducing the weight of the product. Moreover, many photos that point out to the weight difference and unchanged price have been revealed to the public. Considering the latest developments, the amendment is essential for the good of the consumers. Once the amendment comes into force on April 1, 2021, an administrative fine will be imposed to traders who have engaged in unfair commercial practice. Consequently, consumers and honest traders who are exposed to this unfair competition will be protected.