Regulation regarding the procedures and principles on conducting meetings in electronic environment in General Assembly and Board of Directors of Sports Clubs (No. 32009, “Regulation”) was published in the Official Gazette on November 10, 2022 and entered into force on the same date. The Regulation sets forth the principles and the procedures for holding electronic meetings in sport clubs. The rules stipulated by the Regulation shall only be applicable for the sport clubs registered to the Ministry of Youth and Sports (“Ministry”).

According to the Regulation, all provisions regarding the physical meetings of General Assembly (“GA”) and Board of Directors (“BoD”) which were regulated under the relevant legislations and the bylaws about the sport clubs are also applicable to the electronic meetings provided that the relevant provisions are not contrary to the Regulation.

The Regulation stipulates certain conditions for GA and BoD meetings held in an electronic environment. Accordingly, sport clubs must have a website dedicated to this purpose and the relevant people must make a request to attend the meetings. Besides, a technical report which verifies the availability and sufficiency of the electronic environment must be obtained and submitted to the Ministry for an approval. The electronic system must have a proper design, adequate capacity to carry out all the operations specified in the regulation, recovery plans, and necessary network and system security against unauthorized access and attacks. 

People who are entitled to attend the GA or BoD meetings may also participate in the electronic meetings, make suggestions, express opinions, and vote.  Attending an electronic meeting bears the same legal consequences as the physical meetings. 

The purpose of the Regulation is to provide a safer environment for electronic meetings as they are getting more common in practice because of their cost-effective method to attract higher number of participations.