Keeping up with the advancements of technology is essential to have long term stability and growth. Especially, public institutions must follow the changes and adopt the innovative ideas in order to maintain updated public service and make our daily lives easier. Accordingly, a project called Web-Land Registry (WebTapu) has been implemented by General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster in 2017 with the aim of providing quality and fast service to the public. This system has been playing a crucial role during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Web-Land Registry is a system where all real persons and companies which are registered in the Trade Registry are authorized to make 46 different types of online land registry transaction including preparatory actions for sales and donation.  Besides, it may be used by all Turkish citizens and companies, not only for persons who own a real estate or land. 

The system enables people to view the land registration records and the location information online. Users can submit their applications for the sales, mortgage, inheritance and similar transactions electronically and can submit the necessary documents via Web-Land Registry. Thus, transactions could be initiated and brought to the last stage without going to the Land Registry Office. It also allows applicants to receive an SMS regarding the applications’ deficiencies, to learn the current stage of their applications and also to pay the title deed and circulating capital fees in an electronic environment.

Landlords are also authorized to obtain the title deeds, mortgage documents and title deed registration samples over the Web-Land Registry. Furthermore, landlords may authorize potential buyers, real estate agents or other third parties to view and examine its immovable(s). The authorized users log into the system to do the search with their own passwords. 

Web-Land Registry provides marvelous convenience and enables easy, fast and reliable title deed services. It allows many transactions to be completed without going to the Land Registry Office.  Nonetheless, there are still some transactions to be completed before the Land Registry Office even though they are brought to the last stage through Web-Land Registry.