Gurulkan Çakır was established in 2011 initially as “Gurulkan Law Firm”, and the name was later changed to Gurulkan Çakır. The Firm embarked on a journey to carve out a niche in the market by delivering legal and advisory services both in Turkey and abroad providing legal support at corporate level for international corporations with increasing activity in the EMEA region.

Our firm was created to better serve foreign investors in the corporate and commercial arena, striving to deliver high-quality legal services with a global approach.

With the collaboration of distinguished academics from top Turkish law schools, we carry out complex transactional work and any kind of legal actions before administrative and judicial authorities while we ensure our clients receive the best legal consultancy possible.

While banking and finance constitutes the lion’s share of our expertise, our clientele consists of a broad array of corporate clients from various sectors such as oil, construction, iron and steel, medical, etc.  Major clients include the top two largest Turkish banks, the second largest Turkish construction company, and a top-50 American contractor working abroad.

Apart from above, corporate setup has been an important part of our core expertise since the inception in 2011. We have handled hundreds of company/branch establishment process, on behalf of corporate and individual clients from every corner of the globe including Europe, Americas, and the Middle East.