Our law firm is a member of LawExchange International, an association of independent law firms serving clients doing business in the world’s major commercial markets. Founded in 1994, LawExchange International unites corresponding legal practices with its 37 member law firms from 31 countries across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

We are well aware of the fact that business is increasingly conducted across multiple jurisdictions. As an independent law firm, we work with respected colleagues and other advisers from many jurisdictions. We attach great importance to establishing cooperation with pre-eminent law firms and working in conjunction with our clients' other professional advisers to produce the best possible outcomes.

We have built and continue to build a wide network especially in Europe and in the Middle East. Over the years, we have developed strong ties with reputable law firms which share the same vision with us. Our network enables us to provide high quality services to our clients at national and international level. 

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