We at Gurulkan Çakır Günay believe that the most important asset of our firm is its reputation and trustworthiness. The right path to achieve a good reputation and trustworthiness leads through day-to-day faithfulness to certain basic values that help us observe ethics while protecting the benefits of our clients. Our code of conduct contains an array of principles that apply to everything we do.

Business ethics and compliance accentuate our firm’s core values, and have great importance for the firm’s daily and long-term activities. We continually conduct an ethical review at what we do, and always contend to act in accordance with the firm’s values and basic principles to provide highest quality in service to our clients. Before we accept a new client, all parties in the potential issue are checked against the firm’s client portfolio in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest as defined by the IBA International Principles on Conduct for the Legal Profession. 

All employees in our firm are strictly obliged to maintain confidentiality and discretion with regard to client information we gain access to in our work. The communication between our employees is conducted through safe channels, and each employee is individually responsible for reporting any suspicious situation regarding security breaches or losses of information.

We believe that, as a law firm, we have a great responsibility to play an active role in the society to secure that the prosperity thrives for every individual. We do not accept any form of discrimination based on gender, LGBTQ identity or expression, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or age. Persistently, we take vigorous action against any infractions in this matter. We passionately contend to promote equal treatment and increase diversity and equality in the society and business.

We recognize that human activity has the biggest impact on the environment. We constantly strive to minimize our environmental impact by good management and to improve our environmental performance.