January 2022
Work Permit for Foreigners to be Employed in Turkish Free-trade Zones
January 2022
Amendments to Turkish Commercial Code for a Faster Liquidation Process
January 2022
Delegation of the Management Authority of the Board of Directors
December 2021
Freight Forwarders in Turkey [Video]
December 2021
Importation of Foreign-Plated Land Vehicles for Personal Use in Turkey
November 2021
Freight Forwarders in Turkey
November 2021
Obligations of LLC Shareholders
October 2021
Changes on the Operation of Exchange Offices in Turkey
October 2021
Registered Capital System in Joint Stock Companies in Turkey
September 2021
Establishing an Exchange Office in Turkey
September 2021
A New Era for Jewelry Trade in Turkey
August 2021
Transfer of Shares by Operation of Law: Death of LLC’s Shareholder
August 2021
Création d’un Bureau de Liaison
May 2021
Deadlock in Limited Liability Companies
January 2021
Gründung einer Aktiengesellschaft
January 2021
Gründung einer Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung in der Türkei [Video]
January 2021
Novelties in Capital Loss and Negative Equity Regulations
November 2020
Turkish Regulations to Embrace Digital Means For Consumer Protection
October 2020
Prohibition on Self-Dealing and Lending to Board Members
September 2020
Time Extension for the Distribution of Dividends in Capital Companies
August 2020
Formation and Licensing of an Electronic Money Institution in Turkey
August 2020
Differences Between a JSC and an LLC [Video]
August 2020
Basic Share Transfer in Joint Stock Companies
August 2020
Transfer of Shares in Limited Liability Companies [Video]
June 2020
Shareholders’ Withdrawal or Dismissal in Joint Stock Companies
June 2020
Electronic General Assembly System in Joint Stock Companies
April 2020
The Effect of Provisional Article 1 of Law No. 7226 on Cheque Law
November 2019
Intra-Corporate Dispute Arbitration in Turkey
November 2019
Tax Exemptions Concerning Foreign Direct Investments in Turkey
October 2019
Elimination of International Double Taxation under Turkish Law
September 2019
Shareholders’ Right to Request Information and Examination in Joint Stock Companies
August 2019
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in the United Kingdom
August 2019
A Significant Step for International Mediation: The Singapore Convention on Mediation
August 2019
Trademark License Agreements under Turkish Law
July 2019
Constitutional Court’s Decision on the Liability of Members of Board of Directors of Joint Stock Companies
July 2019
Distribution Contracts under Turkish Law
July 2019
Council of State Rules on the Liability Regime Regarding the Public Debts of Limited Liability Companies
June 2019
Brokerage Contracts under Turkish Law
May 2019
Commercial Agents under Turkish Law
April 2019
Ship Sale and Purchase: A Practical Approach
February 2019
Arrest of Ships in Turkey
June 2018
Secured Lending in Turkey: Enforcing a Mortgage
June 2018
Secured Lending in Turkey: Pledge over Bank Accounts
April 2018
Company Mergers in Turkey
December 2017
E-Commerce in Turkey
November 2017
Foreign Direct Investments in Turkey
August 2017
The Concept of ‘Commercial Representative’ under Turkish Law
April 2017
Turkey Adopted a New Commercial Pledge Regime for Movable Assets
Establishing a Limited Liability Company
Establishing a Branch Office
The Differences between a JSC and an LLC
Establishing a Liaison Office
Establishing a Joint Venture
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Transfer of Shares in Limited Liability Companies
Liquidation of Companies
Real Estate Acquisition
Real Estate Transfer Procedure
Corporate Tax
Income Tax
Value-Added Tax
Residence Permits
Work Permits
Types of Employment Contracts
Termination of Employment
Social Security Regulations
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Establishing a Joint Stock Company