June 2018
Company Demergers in Turkey
June 2018
Secured Lending in Turkey: Pledge over Bank Accounts
May 2018
Secured Lending in Turkey: Establishing a Mortgage over Real Estate
May 2018
Establishment of Foreign Bank Branches in Turkey
April 2018
Crowdfunding in Turkey
April 2018
Company Mergers in Turkey
April 2018
Renewable Energy Cooperatives
April 2018
Obtaining Natural Gas Import License in Turkey
March 2018
Set-up and Licensing of a Payment Institution in Turkey
March 2018
Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Turkey
March 2018
Recent Changes in the Turkish Natural Gas Market Law
February 2018
Erasure, Destruction and Anonymization of Personal Data
February 2018
International Arbitration Regime in Turkey
January 2018
A Legal Analysis on The Worldwide Regulations of Cryptocurrencies
December 2017
E-Commerce in Turkey
December 2017
Liabilities of Members of the Board of Directors in a Joint Stock Company
November 2017
Foreign Direct Investments in Turkey
September 2017
Consent in Protection of Personal Data
August 2017
The Concept of ‘Commercial Representative’ under Turkish Law
August 2017
Validity of Bank Guarantees under Turkish Law
July 2017
Protection of Personal Data in Turkey
June 2017
Convertible Bonds under Turkish Law
April 2017
Turkey Adopted a New Commercial Pledge Regime for Movable Assets
April 2017
Turkish Sukuk Regulation
Establishing a Joint Stock Company
Establishing a Limited Liability Company
Establishing a Branch Office
The Differences between a JSC and an LLC
Establishing a Liaison Office
Establishing a Joint Venture
Transfer of Shares in Joint Stock Companies
Transfer of Shares in Limited Liability Companies
Liquidation of Companies
Real Estate Acquisition
Real Estate Transfer Procedure
Corporate Tax
Income Tax
Value-Added Tax
Residence Permits
Work Permits
Types of Employment Contracts
Termination of Employment
Social Security Regulations
Copyright Protection
Patent Protection
Trademark Protection
Turquoise Card
Blue Card